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  the smith quartet

the smith quartet
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quotes “The Smith Quartet’s performance had a searing quality. The music was at times shocking in its violent aural onslaught, and at others it created a sound world – like the crystal glasses of water bowed to produce strangely beautiful, hypnotic resonances.
Rian Evans, The Guardian, regarding a 2009 performance at the Cheltenham Festival (original review External link)

…early-morning and late-night concerts of new and newish string quartets, including an American Triptych for 4 July: Crumbʼs Black Angels and Reichʼs Different Trains, in intense and harrowing performances by the Smith Quartet in the bar of the Town Hallʼs Pillar Room.”
Hilary Finch, The Times, regarding a 2009 performance at the Cheltenham Festival (original review External link)

“…the superb Smith Quartet…”

The Times
Complete Quartets “Effortless class…”
BBC Radio 3: Andrew McGregor’s CD review

“How long before the Kronos is labelled the ʻAmerican Smith Quartetʼ?… they are ahead of the curve at generating new repertoire and taking the experimental back-catalogue seriously…”
Classic FM Magazine

“The Smith string foursome are regarded as Britainʼs answer to the Kronos.”
The Guardian
Different Trains “…the Smith Quartetʼs intense sound re-emphasises the rhapsodic ending of the work. Duet and Triple Quartet are also featured here and are played to perfection”
Sunday Independent

“This five-star Signum issue …conveys the emotional power for Reichʼs uncompromising writing”
Music Week

“…the Smith Quartet on the admirable Signum label is beautifully clear, and played with a rather touching delicacy which brings out the subtle poetry of the ending”
BBC Music Magazine

“…the Smiths are impressive in both pieces.”
The Guardian
Ghost Stories “As versatile as the Kronos Quartet, and smoother than the Brodskys, The Smith Quartet have edged ahead of their competitors in contemporary chamber music…”
The Independent On Sunday

“The Smith Quartetʼs razor-sharp intensity”

The Gramophone

“…this superbly played disc…”
The Guardian

“…the fine young British ensemble…”
Strings Magazine
quotes “More evenings like this and having spare tickets for an evening of modern pieces might become a social asset.”
The Independent
  “The quality of this young ensembleʼs playing is seriously good.”
The Daily Telegraph
  “The Smiths have certainly attracted a considerable cross-over audience.”
The Times
  “The Smith Quartet are a virtuoso young group.”
Financial Times
  “…the redoubtable Smith Quartet”
The Irish Times
  “Four superb musicians…the evening one to be treasured…an extraordinarily stimulating recital.”
The Irish Times
  “The pomp-rockinʼ, brain-blockinʼ Smith Quartet.”
The Herald, Scotland
  “The Smithʼs have earned a reputation for excellence in their field.”
What's On?
  “The Smith Quartet, which excels in this repertoire gives a committed and outstanding performance throughout.”
The Gramophone
  “A string quartet as shiny, clean and accurate as a CD.”
Time Out
  “Surreally-clear and heightened sonic sensations...cheers to The Smiths for daring to be different.”
Singapore Times
HCF Morton Feldman – Complete Piano & String Chamber Music with John Tilbury, piano
“…played with beautiful poise and uncanny delicacy of touch…”
The Daily Telegraph

“…you could have heard a pin drop in the packed hall, as the audience was caught in its extraordinarily rarefied world…”
The Guardian

“The performance was magnificent.”
The Sunday Times

“The Smith Quartet and pianist John Tilbury cast a spell over the St. Paulʼs Hall audience as the players dug deep into this monolithically slow and preter-naturally quiet music, inducing a state of almost Zen-like meditation: a memorable experience…'”
Tempo Magazine

“Shiva Dances… The Smiths did a wonderful job, as confident in that world as they had been in Skemptonʼs (Tendrils) very different one.”
Andrew Clements, The Guardian, regarding a 2004 performance at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, with world premieres of Kevin Volans Shiva Dances and Howard Skempton Tendrils
Fitkin “Graham Fitkinʼs pieces are impeccably performed by the Smith Quartet.”
The Gramophone
quotes “Steve Mackayʼs Great Crossing, Great Divide and Walter Husʼs Third String Quartet were given readings of heartfelt sincerity.”
The Strad